Agape Children’s Museum is committed to providing arts, health and literacy educational opportunities to Long Beach and surrounding South bay area public & private schools, libraries and communities. Using the power of art as an educational tool, Agape regularly collaborates with artists, educators, parents, community leaders and also students.

With our commitment to bringing arts education programs to local schools and communities, Agape helps in becoming a resource for our community youth’s social, emotional and cultural development. Since our inception in 2011 and through our school, community, and museum programming, Agape has impacted the lives of thousands of children and their families with hands-on art learning experiences.


Agape Children’s Museum’s Art Experience in schools, libraries and community events is a program that inspires, children to explore the “language” of art through hands-on investigations of the elements of art: color, line, shape, texture, space and form.”. To fuel inspiration, children will be introduced to a variety of artistic experiences including watercolor, open ended art and clay art. The Art Experience sparks creativity and imagination while celebrating every child’s inherent artistic mindset. The target audiences for the program are children ages 4-10 and their families, as well as pre-K to 5th grade school groups. Each March the Museum Celebrates National Arts Education Month with its annual day-long arts showcase entitled, “Art IS Education”, a day Celebrating and showcasing the immense role arts plays in education through dance, music, theatre, media arts, literature, design and visual arts.


Agape Children’s Museum promotes healthy living in all its programs. For early childhood programs, after school programs or special events, educating children and families about healthy lifestyle choices is a pervasive theme throughout the entire museum. Every fall through our annual Family Health Festival, we galvanize community experts and resources to bring crucial health messages and programming to our community.  Healthy Program themes that are covered include nutrition, fitness, hygiene, safety, asthma and allergies, sleep and stress, early brain development and the role of children’s play.


Agape Children’s Museum offers programs for children with autism or other special needs and their families. Family friendly programs feature various art that take in to consideration Autism Spectrum Disorder and other special needs. These free events include structured workshops specifically designed to help children develop social and problem-solving skills. All while learning how to express themselves through art. The program’s supportive environment also helps strengthen family ties and builds a sense of community for families affected by autism.

The Museum is sensitive to the needs of the Autism Spectrum Disorder Community and at every major festival hosted by the museum works hard to provide a
 safe space to develop social skills and manual dexterity through the arts. The Museum usually hosts a special autism Awareness program held during the spring of every year.

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