Due to COVID-19 the museum’s in-person activities have been temporarily halted. Agape Children’s Museum since that time launched an online, art-based series of fun, educational and engaging activities for kids and families to work together at home. The Children’s Museum Colors of the Season Virtual Art Experience provides a high quality and comprehensive participation program for children ages 4-13. Children continue to submit art works representing our cities diverse cultures using art vocabulary and concepts, as well as encouraging expressing themselves by creating their own unique masterpieces. This designed program gives students opportunities to express themselves in drawing, painting during the holiday season. The Multifaceted program also helps develop students’ critical thinking skills, creativity, visual literacy, self-esteem and appreciation of other cultures. Submitted Artwork can be sent to ve_pitts@yahoo.com and all submitted art will be presented on all museum social media pages from Tuesday, December 15th until Saturday, January 2nd, 2021.

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