The Program

Agape Children’s Museum will  launch an online, art-based series of fun, educational and engaging activities for kids and families to do together at home as the museum’s in-person activities have been temporarily halted due to COVID-19. The Agape CM at Home Program provides a high quality, comprehensive participation program for Children ages 4-13. Children will submit art works from cultures around the world using, art vocabulary and concepts, and how to express themselves by creating their own unique masterpieces. This unique program gives students opportunities to express themselves in drawing, painting, and sculpture. The multifaceted program, also helps develop students’ critical-thinking skills, creativity, visual literacy, self-esteem, and an appreciation of other cultures.

The Submissions

Agape Children’s Museum will announce a weekly Art Topic on their Website and Facebook page. Every Submission should be original and include works of art exploring topics from A to Z and motivates students carefully observe their various works of art, analyze them, support their ideas with evidence, and share their ideas with others. The students build ways to express themselves visually by applying what they have learned to create their own masterpieces. This art-based program is aligned with National Visual Arts Standards and are easily aligned with Common Core and other subjects.


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