Agape Children’s Museum sends a Special Thank you to the City of Long Beach Parks, Recreation & Marine WRAP programs who partnered with us in helping to send Stuffed Toys to the Children and their families who were affected by Hurricane Doran in the Bahamas.

In August, Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas as a category five hurricane with winds reaching 185mph (297km/h). It matched the highest recorded wind speeds at landfall and stayed over the most affected islands, Grand Bahama and Abaco, for 48 hours.

Many children and their families who survived the hurricane have lost their relatives, livelihoods and have been left with little water or food. After an event of this magnitude, children and adolescents may need psychological support to cope.

In an effort to bring hope through the holidays – Agape Children Museum along with a partnership with WRAP collected stuffed Toys and Animals and sent them to Children affected by the catastrophic disaster. A stuffed toy and animal is more than just a toy — it’s an expression of love that creates healing, hope and joy. The Mission of this humanitarian project was to help Bahamian kids, experience all the joy and imagination childhood has to offer during this most difficult of times. Agape Children’s Museum thanks Burbank, Edison, Garfield, Grant, Herrera, Hudson, King and Lafayette schools for all their stuffed toy contributions.

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