Beginning Fall 2022, Agape Children’s Museum in partnership with The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services will be presenting a new community service program entitled, “Empower Art – Empower You!”  Empower Art is an at-risk management and life enrichment program for at risk children and families and is not a treatment program. The program identifies strengths, nurtures skills, and creates authentic opportunities to utilize these skills to enrichment personal growth success and development.

Agape’s Empower Art serves as a new model for encouraging the appreciation and understanding of the transformative power of art among underserved families through a curriculum of hands-on learning experiences for families of diverse ages and backgrounds.  Art integration programs focus on children and families as individual learning units, engaging children and parents together in hands-on learning experiences. The Program focuses on environmental education and attempts to create a new model of family learning and professional development for members of underserved communities by building the capacity for art experiences in education within the community organizations themselves.

Dates, times and locations will be announced August 2022 – Continue to Check Agape Website and Social Media!

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