Hearty Marty’s Unique Summer Camp with pre-assembled Starter Boxes from Agape Children’s Museum was held from June 15 – July 27.  Campers followed along with creative curriculum sheets with an assortment of activities and videos on YouTube offering unique opportunities for learning. The Following was our summer camp themes, each week with all the materials and instructions needed for a week of activities that were fun, educational, and hands-on.

Week One:  People, Places and Things

Week Two: A Healthy Me is A Happy Me

Week Three: Colors of the Summer

Week Four: 5D’s (Draw, Discover, Design, Dream & Develop)

Week Five: Famous Artists

Week Six:  Empowerment

Campers worked at their own pace or along with us to discover everything from Artistry to Zoology with daily, hands-on activities. With easy-to-follow instructions and engaging resources, campers were set for hours of creative learning during each camp week.

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